General Fire and Safety carries a wide variety of fire and safety equipment and products from the most reputable manufacturers in the fire and safety industry. We stock our extinguisher store in Omaha with fire safety supply products from ANSUL, SENTRY, Fike, Logistics Supply and VESDA. These companies offer fire safety equipment, fire protection equipment, fire suppression systems, and extinguishers considered to be superior within the industry. We carry these brands because we are committed to creating a safe work environment for your employees and minimizing risk to your business property.

Fire and safety equipment is required for any business and our wide variety of products in Omaha provides fire safety supply and protection equipment so you are prepared. We ensure you are ready for multiple types of fires, from electrical to chemical and beyond. We can determine which solution is right for your business or specific location, and provide fire detection and technology systems that cannot be beaten. Plus, we offer an extensive selection of personal safety products, too.

Fire Suppression System Installation & Maintenance

For large commercial buildings, warehouses, and other structures, General Fire and Safety can create a plan for fire suppression in the event of an emergency. For example, what happens when an unmanned storage unit that houses hazardous chemicals experiences a fire? In this case, we might suggest a high expansion foam system tied to a fire alarm. These systems create a foam blanket that overwhelms the flames—even stubborn fires like those borne from chemical combustion—to stifle the fire as quickly as possible. By tying it to your alarm system, we can also ensure firefighters are called as soon as the system is tripped so they’re on the way while your fire suppression system works to get things under control.

Other fire suppression systems could include a sprinkler system or clean agent system depending on the type of building we’re outfitting, its uses, and the amount of foot traffic that enters it daily. Call us today for a no-obligation walkthrough of your Omaha building to discuss emergency fire safety options.

General Fire and Safety is your one-stop shop for all of your fire protection equipment needs!

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