Clean Agent Fire Suppression Systems

Clean Agent Fire Suppression Systems & Inspection

Protecting high-value machinery, technology and electronics from fire takes a non-water based suppression system, because water can damage them just as much as the fire. An ECARO-25® clean agent fire suppression system by Fike Systems (or FE 25 fire suppression system) is the superior, cost-effective choice for protecting electronics and high-value assets without delaying business or needless downtime.

Some of the best applications for a clean agent fire suppression system include:

  • Chemical Labs
  • Records and data archives
  • Computer and telecommunication centers
  • Flammable liquid storage
  • Robotic equipment
  • Arts, artifacts or historical collections
  • Military vehicles and facilities
  • Control rooms

The ECARO-25® clean agent fire suppression system is created with Fike’s Impulse Valve Technology, which combines the reliability and efficiency of a rupture disc with the flexibility of electric actuation. This valve makes costs lower and shipping a breeze, as well as the added bonus of fewer parts to maintain. This clean agent fire suppression system requires 20-38% less clean agent per cubic foot/meter than other systems, producing significant cost savings. The superior physical properties of Dupont™ FE-25™ are utilized to allow for smaller piping to be used over long lengths, allowing for the easier design and smaller expense.

The clean agent fire suppression system does not have any CFCs, Halons or other ozone destroying chemicals. The systems feature non-ozone depleting clean agent FE-25™ from Dupont™, which provides outstanding fire protection to technology while also protecting Earth’s precious ozone layer. The ECARO-25® is also USGBC LEED® recognized, which means the product shows a commitment to green living and working.

General Fire and Safety provides expert inspections to make sure the clean agent fire suppression systems are ready to provide optimal protection for critical machinery, electronics and documents. We can schedule a free, no-obligation walk-through of your facility to check for fire hazards.

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