Hard Hats

General Fire and Safety of Omaha offers an extensive selection of hard hats, accessories and components. We offer hard hats through a wide spectrum of ratings, colors, and uses. General Fire and Safety of Omaha can provide HT hard hats, LT hard hats, HV hard hats and more. Read below and get tips on using, selecting, and replacing hard hats.

Hard Hat Requirements:

  • Manufacturing date is found underneath brim of hat.
  • No specific date on when they need new. Visual inspection must be performed before wearing.
  • Reverse donning: hard hat may be worn backwards or frontwards if it has “reverse donning arrow”.
  • Hats marked with “HT” on manufacturing label indicate that hard hat meets all requirements when at the temp of 140˚F.
  • Hats marked with “LT” on manufacturing label indicate that hard hat meets all requirements when at the temp of -22˚F.
  • Hats marked with “HV” indicate that the hard hat meets the standard for high visibility colors. The HV hard hat designation indicates testing for chromaticity and luminescence.
  • Suspension should be changed every year depending on use.
  • Hard hat should be changed every 5 years depending on use.
  • The following info should be marked inside the hat; Manufacturer name or identifying mark, Date of Manufacture, The Legend, ANSI Z89.1, Type and Class Designation, Approx. head size.
  • OSHA allows painting or placing stickers on hat if acceptable by the manufacturer or that it can be demonstrated the reliability of the hat is not affected. Keeping this to a minimum is recommended so cracks or defects can be easily spotted.
  • Accessories are allowed as long as they are the appropriate accessories that go with the hat.
  • Shell should be inspected frequently for dents, cracks, nicks, gouges and any damage that may reduce protection. Hard hats that show any sign of reduced protection must be taken out of service immediately. Same goes for the hard hat’s suspension.
  • Exposure to extreme temperatures, sunlight or chemicals may reduce life of the hat. Never store in direct sunlight and clean hat with a mild detergent and warm (not hot) water.
  • Do not use hard hats with metal components.

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Hard Hats

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