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General Fire and Safety has more than fire suppressant products and equipment. We provide fire protection services to ensure your staff is properly trained to effectively use the products and equipment you buy. We are experts in systems training and equipment inspection – all done with exemplary customer service.

Our training utilizes the BullEX I.T.S.™ Live-Fire Extinguisher Training System to provide authentic fire suppression scenarios for effective employee education. The I.T.S.™ System uses patented flame-response technology to automatically change the flames, providing a realistic yet safe fire hazard training experience for your staff.

Along with high-quality equipment, routine product maintenance and inspection is key to providing the safest possible workplace. Our fire protection services include inspection and recharging services that allow you to be sure your facility is safeguarded by the most up-to-date products, and that those products are ready to perform effectively should a fire break out.

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