Paint Booth Fire Suppression Systems

Paint Booth Inspection & Fire Suppression Systems in Omaha

If you are installing or planning to install a paint booth, it is important to make sure you meet all national and local safety regulations. Most local and federal fire safety codes will require paint booth fire suppression systems to control ignition sources, contain flammable vapors, detect fire heat, and extinguish fires when necessary. At General Fire and Safety in Omaha, our paint booth fire suppression systems meet the needs of their application as well as local, state, and federal government fire safety regulations. Our fire suppression systems are equipped with automatic detection and activation.

Reducing the risk of major fire damage to your facility should be high on your list of priorities. A quality paint booth fire suppression system from Omaha’s General Fire and Safety provides automatic detection and activation, and meet regulations. Along with regular inspections, it will also put your mind at ease. Call General Fire and Safety today to get started.

Paint Booth Fire Suppression Applications

Whether you’re working in auto collision repair or paint mixing, we offer paint booth fire suppression systems to fit your needs. Here are some examples the paint booth applications we work with:

  • Spray paint booths
  • Dip and finishing
  • Mixing rooms
  • Paint and flammable liquid storage
  • Vehicle paint booths

Fire Suppression System Inspections

General Fire and Safety of Omaha’s paint booth fire suppression system inspections go through every element: nozzles, cylinders, pulleys, rope, stacks, and alarms. The size of your paint booth determines what parts and system you will need, and our expertise in paint booth inspections ensures your facility is properly equipped in the event of a fire.

Contact General Fire and Safety of Omaha to learn more about paint booth fire protection and fire suppression systems. We can also do a free, no-obligation walk-through of your facilities to check for fire hazards.

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