CO2 Recharging for Commercial Cylinders & Kegerator Cylinder Refills

General Fire and Safety in Omaha provides CO2 recharging for commercial cylinders across various industries, as well as kegerator cylinder refills. CO2 extinguishers and cylinders are filled with non-flammable carbon dioxide gas under extreme pressure. CO2 cylinders range in size from 5lbs to 100lbs, or even larger. Refilling a CO2 extinguisher or cylinder requires gas-compressing equipment from our facility and the expertise of our staff.

Our Expertise in CO2 Refilling

We refill CO2 and HPA paintball cylinders. We also have a SCBA refill station in Omaha, and can fill airsoft rifle charging cylinders rated up to 4500 psi. All CO2 extinguishers undergo hydrostatic testing and recharge every five years. General Fire and Safety offers professional and expert refilling, recharging, and hydrostatic testing for optimum performance of CO2 extinguishers and cylinders.

CO2 Cylinders and Safety

Carbon dioxide, or CO2, is stored in cylinders as a compressed liquified gas. This is why it is so important to keep temperatures regulated around your CO2 cylinders, as any increase in temperature will cause an increase in pressure as well. Beyond just making sure you are storing your cylinders in a cool place with low level ventilation, we recommend you always use gloves when handling CO2 cylinders and valves. In Omaha at our CO2 recharging facilities we take the utmost care in our safety precautions.

Schedule a free, no-obligation walk-through to make your workplace safer. We check for things like ensuring the proper equipment is being used for the usage of your CO2 cylinders, that cylinders are secured vertically with the valve at the top before use, and that your cylinders have the correct commodity labels.

It’s important to have your empty cylinder’s CO2 recharged in Omaha as soon as possible once they are empty.


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