Fire Extinguisher Training

fire extinguisher training

Utilizing the BullEx I.T.S.™ Live-Fire Extinguisher Training System, we provide fire extinguisher education for your employees in the workplace. This system provides extensive training, such as knowing different classes of fires, which extinguishers to use for them, and proper way to them out.

Designed with patented flame-response technology that detects the fire extinguisher user’s technique, the system automatically changes its flames, providing a realistic, complete training experience. The sensor technology of the I.T.S. system detects how well the trainee is using the equipment. The system senses the user’s aim and angle of sweeping motion, properly training them in the PASS method (Pull, Aim, Squeeze, Sweep) of fire extinguishing. Four sensors on the I.T.S. unit detect the release of compressed air and water from the extinguisher, and the unit’s control system automatically varies the flames in response to the user’s technique.

Because extinguishers in the I.T.S. system use available air and water instead of dry chemicals or costly CO2, training costs stay down and allows multiple employees to safely train in a clean environment. Plus, it eliminates the need for regular discharging and recharging cycles needed for dry chemical and CO2 fire extinguishers. Extinguishers using chemicals or carbon dioxide also have a limited number of uses before they need to be replaced. There’s no limit to how often the training extinguishers can be expelled, resulting in cost savings and efficiency, as several employees can be trained in a single day.

The BullEx I.T.S.™ is a safe, easy way to provide live, hands-on training in your facility. By using it, you actually create a safer workplace faster.

Four Elements of Fire

In order for a fire to start four elements must be present. Heat raises the materials to ignition temperature. Fuel supports the combustion. Oxygen sustains the fire. A chemical reaction needs to occur between the heat, fuel and oxygen in order to ignite and maintain the fire. Separation of one of these elements works to both prevent and extinguish fires.

Different Classes of Fire

Not all fires are the same. Generally, the type of fuel changes the classification of fire. With proper training, you’ll learn the difference between Class A, B and C fires. You’ll also learn the four difficulty levels, and the extinguishing methods and extinguisher types in order to properly put them out.

Proper Fire Extinguishing Technique

When we train your staff, we teach proper extinguishing technique. Aiming for the base of the fire is critical. The BullEx I.T.S.™ senses the aim of trainees. An aim that’s too high or low will cause one side of the fire to diminish while the other side grows. This guides and teaches each trainee the proper extinguishing technique using the PASS method. Plus, the I.T.S. display shows the status of the system, if the fire has been extinguished and how long the trainee took to put the fire out. If the trainee fails to extinguish flames, simply release the ignition button to put the fire out. The ignition button can also increase flames to further challenge trainees.

A Safe, Realistic Training Environment

Proper training of employees in fire safety needs to recreate a viable, accurate fire scenario while still maintaining a safe environment for everyone involved. The BullEx I.T.S.™ Live-Fire Extinguisher Training System features an emergency shut-off switch to immediately extinguish flames if needed, and propane tilt-sensors that shuts off fuel supply if the unit is bumped or set up improperly.
Keeping your employees, buildings, and assets safe with our hands-on fire extinguisher training protects your business and lowers your insurance risk. Increasing safety and lowering fire risk not only is a good decision for protection, it’s a good business decision.